Anchorage Real Property Photographer (2)

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Alaska MLS has thousands of real estate listings in Alaska. Use the Quick Property Search to seek out the perfect property! Choose the regions and communities you want to search in, then add different standards to additional slender your search down. You may also search for listings utilizing our Advanced Search (with extra search choices to choose from) or Map Search tools.

Thanks for penning this Perrya. You are completely correct. I’m in the exact same boat as your pal. I’m 53 and I have been unemployed after being laid off in late 2007. I worked in fianacial services operations for 27 years and I can’t secure a brand new job in any field. This includes shops, bank teller, or any position. I’m trying hard every day. I believe I’m overqualified for a lot of spots or thought-about too old. It’s extremely frustrating and unfair but I merely go out every day and keep plugging.

Have you thought about having the yard closer to degree with a slight angle down on either side and to the rear of the home to have water runoff simply? Simply level enough for easy mowing. I like the thought of operating the utilities close to the ceiling inside. I assume they ran a few of yours outside the domes and in the dust. That is what really scares me. It is so much tougher to have things maintain up underground even compared to out in the open.

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Following the reconquest of the realm by the Spanish, the house was used for a time as a short lived residence of the Spanish governor, as soon as used as a dormatory for school college students, served as a house for various folks of all classes of society, a house and workplace for various shopkeepers, renters and even, once in a while witches (with the final known witch residing there during the decade 1958 – 1968).