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Have you ever ever noticed when you take a trip that in all places you look, there are couples and families? And so they always appear to be glad ~~ one imagines that they’re headed someplace wonderful! Normally, when you see individuals alone, they’re traveling for business.

Sustain the nice work. People need something to provide them hope even if it is unreaalistic. Now we have been residing almost off grid this past yr by the grace of God. No work and no money no income and no prospects. Though it will get us by way of it; we could not all handle to dwell that manner. So we hope and pray Armageddon come soon. Then we will all begin over and we will all be off grid.

Looking back, we had several good and bad ideas. I want we had reduce our outhouse and shower house doors higher within the wall, to reduce constant shoveling of snow and ice accumulation that routinely blocks the door from opening at wanted instances! In contrast, I am very glad that our entrance porch is so deep, as a result of the door is protected against wind blown snow and we enjoy an additional room” when the temperature is pleasant, but there is a light drizzle. On our first floor, we have a picture window that faces the lake, but it surely does not open, so we do not get the breeze from that course. I want we had an arctic entry on the east side again door.

The factor I’ve discovered about writing is that it is a conflict in which you’ll lose a minimum of 90 percent of the battles, and the battles you win aren’t those you expected to. I got here into this suffering from self doubt, for probably Freudian causes I won’t go into, however I’m slowly climbing out of that and changing into bolder. If nothing else, writing has enhanced my sense of self value. It has given me an identification. Great hub my buddy!

So, alongside came the tree crew on Saturday to cut the outdated giant down. I was so unhappy to see such a magnificent specimen die that I didn’t suppose I’d be capable of watch the crew do their work. They climbed up as they lower the branches off, and climbed down as they lower the large rounds of trunk wood, leaving an 8′ tall stump that we’ll use as a base for a future playhouse.