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Silva, thanks for your appreciative comment. At this level Mr. B is recovering properly and I hope he regains his strength by spring. I will undoubtedly hold everyone clued in about what our remaining answer to the house downside is. At this level we’ve got determined to pay it off and try to fix it up ourselves. My son works in building and says he will assist. What we’ve not decided but is whether to maintain it or try to promote it after we get it fixed.

In different words, if what you’re doing is not working, it just could be time to attempt one thing totally different. Is your strategy to advertising sound? Are you seeing the complete sport board and making all the strikes you can also make? Have you ever considered consulting a advertising professional? We’ve got a pair at HP who I consider in strongly….Heidi and Cristin….I can put you in touch with them when you like.

Excellent hub. You know in case you drive to Lubbock, the land is still fairly broad open, or it was the final time I went there. It is I20 to Hwy 80 and slow down for Justiceburg. Nothing to see, but it’s best not to pace. Every time I drove to Lubbock I was greeted by the odor of the slaughter yards on the edge of city. I can not imagine following that on horse back.

In 1852 Gadsden succeeded in getting the Mexican President Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna to promote the specified territory, consisting of 29,640 sq. miles in what’s now southern New Mexico and southern Arizona for $10,000,000 in gold. A superb deal that worked out to about 33 cents an acre but nowhere close to nearly as good as the sooner Louisiana Buy from France which got here to about three cents an acre or later Alaska Purchase from Russia which got here to about 2 cents an acre.