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I hear from an amazing many writers. From Facebook to my weblog, from Twitter to HubPages, from sea to shining sea, Boston to San Francisco, Calcutta to Perth, the feedback and emails and random musings come to me in Olympia, Washington, and I strive to respond to them all.

The moment of realisation was that I know that halos are NOT brought on by dust or solid particles however by the properties of water within the environment just like we get around the moon and which can provide a rainbow colored halo. A moon halo is something I regard as normal having seen all of them my life. So by a means of logic I see that what I’ve been calling chemtrails, in a really massive number of instances, can be water vapour persistent contrails as has been claimed by non-chemtrail-believers and official sources just like the BBC.

Which in this instance served the interests of the billionaires, and making the poor extra poorer: chopping social security, repealing the health care that was going to cover over 40 million individuals and in the course of decreasing the nationwide debts in a number of years, decreasing the current social applications and breaking minorities because they are people who lack or are weakened in the direction of achieving social solidarity and group, has been the guarantees and battle-cry of the incoming Tea Bagger freshmen in Washington.

Moreover, the transnational corporation normally enjoys a detailed relationship with the government of its house country — which signifies that the center nation’s government will deliver stress to bear on the peripheral government in the pursuits of the firm. This could imply, in turn, that the government within the peripheral country will stress the labor drive in the curiosity of the local subsidiary of the company.

Woman G. I might like to see that one. Electronic mail me a photograph if you can. I’ve thought about that door enterprise, too, however the best way the hill is constructed as much as place the house on it is such a drop-off that a person has trouble developing it except on all-fours. My dogs and cats had no bother although. LOL in addition they situated it so the rooms overlooking the hillside are mostly a glass wall. I think the proprietor wished all that light coming in instead of turning the house around. Thanks for the read and remark.