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More and more, following a pattern we see among whites in the United States right now, the tutorial, intellectual, and political elite amongst blacks is out of touch with the realities, values, and feelings of the black decrease and middle class. The institutions that have traditionally helped to bridge that divide (church buildings, historically Black colleges) are under stress and in some instances have a lower caliber of leadership than prior to now.

The first are Bugs. I stay in New Westminster, British Columbia by the Fraser River. Within the summertime you can’t get near the river for mosquitos. I spent the summer season in Squamish a couple of years ago (close to Whistler, BC) and once more the bugs. Black Flies and mosquitos. Certainly one of my eyes was swollen shut 3 instances over the summer time and numerous lumps, bumps and discomfort. That’s one thought.

This ardour and vitriol witnessed as displayed by the Tea Baggers for close to about two years of Obama’s rule, boiled down and over as the first black president took office. There’s a whole lot of hate to go about around the Tea Baggers shenanigans, and any time people like Eugene Robinson categorical their Democratic free speech rights about points they do not like, they’re assailed as being bigoted and sporting blinders.

Thanks for a very good article, Brie, I loved it. I do know I can DO this!! And I do know YOU can do it, too! Do not let the nay sayers discourage you. However DO work out a solution to get OUT of town ASAP, in a collapse situation, (and yes it is coming VERY QUICKLY!) will probably be dangerous in the cities!! If you are out in the nation somewhere, it is possible for you to to outlive.